I Am Odd, I Am New

I read a touching poem written by the (then)10-year-old Ben Giroux in 2016 about his experience with autism. In my head, the words seemed to synch almost perfectly with an instrumental tune I wrote as a teenager, called “Reflections of Yourself”. It hasn’t seen the light of day since then, so before I forget, here is a quick recording of the tune with the poem, for Ben’s approval. Read about Ben’s poem here: https://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/odd-n… I dream of a day when the world sings along with Ben!


Don’t Stop The Vaccines

I was jamming with my friend Elliot on the bass, but kept messing up the original lyrics of “Don’t Stop Believin'” because I just “Don’t Get The Meanin'”.

Then I kept hearing of people saying after a dose of media, they stopped believin’ in vaccines. The ianstrumentalist does what the ianstrumentalist does.

Film Language Has No Price Tag

Visual communication is a language.  What is its vocabulary? Where did it come from?  Who invented it?  A particularly dull endeavour some millennials “can’t even…” is watching iconic old films.  I’ve paired a few of them with an equally iconic song worthy of imitation – Jessie J’s Price Tag, for three and a half minutes you’ll never get back.